Zamnnn Zoodles

Things I wasn’t actually expecting to receive for Christmas: a zoodle maker

Things I miraculously received for Christmas: a zoodle maker

My dad understands the importance of practicality. He also knows I love to cook. So I was hella ecstatic when he gifted me a zoodle maker for Christmas. He even got my mom one which was pretty cute.

I have to say, it was weirdly intimidating to use this thing. There’s 3 different shredding styles and even though it’s super easy to use it’s just….. weird. Also, eating vegetable noodles… now that’s just borderline sinful (even for someone like me who loves vegetables).

What is this contraption

When you make zoodles you actually use an ENTIRE zucchini, which is pretty cool. It usually takes me forever to finish the zucchini I buy and I don’t always get to eat them before they go bad 😦 womp womp. I gotta say though, the zoodles really do come out like noodles- they’re even curly. I know some people just straight up eat zoodles but I couldn’t really get to that level. I sautéed the zoodles in a pan with some olive oil, pepper, salt, and garlic powder and then I cooked them on medium-low heat for a few minutes, stirring quite frequently.

When I was done with the zoodles I placed them in a bowl and then squeezed a fresh lemon wedge over them. Then I just heated up some tomato basil sauce.

Honestly, this was great. It tasted incredibly light, fresh, and delicious when seasoned properly. I kind of messed up and I just made this small batch of noodles and I was still hungry after I was done with this plate. Next time I’d toss in some fish or shrimp or veggie meatballs.

Also how dope is it that you can pretty much make a meal for a total of what, like, $3 if that??


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